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Cave and mine exploration

South Wales has some of the finest caves found anywhere in the UK. Big, small, wet, dry: the challenge is always changing.

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Caving is the one activity that  usually takes people into a totally new environment. For many  this environment   is initially very intimidating.

Worries about getting stuck in  a small,  dark, wet space are imagined. The reality is very different. Caves are certainly dark but modern lighting ensures finding you way is straightforward. There can be small gaps but our experienced staff know how to find the right level of challenge and there are usually a number of routes around the cave.

Caves are mostly a mixture of wet and dry passage which is a reflection of how they have been formed over thousands of years. There are creatures to be discovered that have evolved to live in this unique setting, fossils to find and the chance to see and feel at first hand geological formations exclusive to the underground world.

 The Gilwern centre is close to the Clydach gorge and Llangattock escarpment with good caving only a short drive away.smily cavers

Hilston is better suited to exploring the caves and old mine workings found throughout the Forest of Dean.

We can also provide British Cave Association accredited training and assessment courses for those wishing to become cave leaders in their own right. 


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Safety first for all

At Gwent Outdoor Centres our experienced staff always put safety first. We are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), which is overseen by the Health and Safety Executive. The AALA was set up to ensure outdoor activity providers follow good safety management practices. These should allow young people to experience exciting and stimulating activities outdoors – without being exposed to avoidable risks.

We continually monitor and update our procedures to ensure the safety of the young people in our care.

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